Non-ferrous Metals Casting

Advantages of Qiangxin Fused Resin-coated Ceramic Sand

The Qiangxin fused resin-coated ceramic sand has the characteristics of uniform coating, less resin addition, high strength, low gas evolution, high temperature resistance, good demoulding performance, easy to collapse, excellent filling performance and good storage and transportation performance. It is widely used in the engine, diesel engine, cylinder head, bucket teeth, water pump, valve body, hydraulic parts, cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous metal industries, especially in the coated sand casting stainless steel. Breakthrough has been made in heat-resistant steel. The products are sold all over the country and enjoy high popularity and reputation in the industry.


Below we analyze the case of fused resin-coated ceramic sand applied to waterway core of aluminum alloy water-cooled motor shell. 

The product is a motor shell for new energy vehicles, made of aluminum alloy, coated sand shell molding process, and the pouring temperature is 710~730 . The product is in the development stage and has a good market prospect.  


Problems and Deficiencies of Resin-coated Silica Sand

Problems encountered when using silicon sand coated sand: the water-cooled motor shell, the built-in waterway part is easy to stick sand, which is difficult to clean, and the product scrap rate is high, which is mainly realized in the following two aspects:

1. Metal penetration is serious and sand itself is not easy to collapse.

2. The coating is required. A thin coating layer will cause serious metal penetration, and a thick coating layer will produce a lot of smoke.

Experimental Results of Fused Resin-coated Ceramic Sand

The manufacturer hopes to switch to the use of fused resin-coated ceramic sand to reduce gas generation, improve collapsibility, strength, and maintain the integrity of sand core molding.

 Comparative measurement of fused ceramic sand and silica sand

Testing Items

Coated Silica Sand

Qiangxin Fused Resin-coated Ceramic Sand

LOI, loss on ignition



Cold bending strength



Cold tensile strength



Hot bending strength



Hot tensile strength



Gas evolution






Feedback after use:  with higher strength and better surface smoothness than silica sand. It can be cast directly without coatings.

Casting analysis: after the use of fused resin-coated ceramic sand, it has good collapsibility, is not easy to cause metal penetration, and greatly improves the surface quality of water channel.

Through the inspection and comparison of sand cores and castings, we can find that the use of fused resin-coated ceramic sand will bring many practical benefits and solve various problems in the casting process, and the surface quality of castings has been significantly improved. The metal penetration problem caused by the use of silica sand has also been properly solved, and the collapsibility of sand has been guaranteed. The more important point is that the fused ceramic sand can be recycled, which can reduce the comprehensive cost for manufacturers and energy saving and emission reduction for society, making manufacturers make a big step forward towards green casting.


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