Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand

The Fused Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand manufactured by Qiangxin adopts fully automatic visual production technology, and the heating temperature, feeding time and sand mixing process are accurately controlled, which effectively ensures the reliability of the performance.


Ceramic Foundry Sand

Fused Ceramic Sand is the custom ceramic particles with a spherical shape, high refractoriness and low thermal expansion being made by spraying the melted calcined bauxite. It provides a very simple but efficient way for the foundry-men to improving the quality of the castings, reducing the production cost and avoiding environmental pollution, because of that it has the higher price ratio comparing with Chromite sand and Zircon sand. At the present, it is acknowledged in the worldwide as the newest and the best ideal sand for the foundries and has a very wide feasibility of applications for the future development.

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