Why do more and more enterprises use Ceramic Sand?

Ceramic sand is characterized by high fire resistance (>1800 ℃), small angle shape coefficient (<1.06, nearly spherical), low acid consumption (neutral material), small amount of binder added (reduce the amount of binder added by 30% - 50%), high strength, no crushing, no dust, non-toxic, etc. It meets various casting demands with excellent chemical compositions. Casting quality, cost and environmental protection can be guaranteed and improved!


Physical Properties of Ceramic Sand

Particle shape: spherical

Angle shape coefficient:<1.06

Bulk density: 1.65-2.05g/cm3

PH value: 7-8

Thermal conductivity: 0.5-0.6 (W/m * K) (1000 ℃)

Thermal expansion rate: 0.13% (heating at 1000 ℃ for 10 minutes)

Fire resistance:>1800 ℃


Features of Ceramic Sand

1. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, which can be comparable to that of the zircon sand. The expanded defects such as casting grain can be basically eliminated by using the pearl sand to prepare the type and core sand.

2. Ceramic sand is nearly spherical, with good mobility, easy to fill, high air permeability of sand type and sand core, and good collapsibility after pouring.

3. Ceramic sand has smooth surface and dense structure, which is convenient for uniform coverage of binder and can save binder by 30-50%.

4. Ceramic sand is a neutral material, which can be used as acid and alkali binders and adapt to various casting alloys.

5. Ceramic sand has good recycling performance, and can adapt to various recycling methods.

6. Ceramic sand has high fire resistance and good stability, especially suitable for the production of sand core and steel casting with complex shapes.

7. Ceramic sand has a wide range of particle sizes, which can be combined and mixed according to the requirements to meet different needs of customers.


Application scope of Ceramic sand

1. It can be used to produce coated sand, molding and core making

2. It can be used for shell casting instead of precision casting process to produce small precision steel castings

3. It can be used for resin sand process of cold core box to produce auto castings such as cylinder block, cylinder head and exhaust pipe

4. The entire line can be used for the basic phenolic sand process to produce steel castings

5. The entire line can be used for furan resin sand process to produce steel castings

6. The whole line can be used for modified sodium silicate sand process to produce steel castings

7. It can replace the chromite ore sand for the process of water-glass sand to produce large steel castings

8. Can be used in Lost Foam casting processes as fill sand for Lost Foam

9. It can be used as filling sand for V-method casting, production of drainage sand, 3D printing, etc.


Introduction to Sanmenxia Qiangxin Foundry Material Co., Ltd

It is a specialized enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of casting auxiliary materials. Its main products include Ceramic Sand, Resin-coated Ceramic Sand and relevant supporting recycling.

The company focuses on research and promotion of new casting materials. The new molding material "Ceramic Sand" developed by the Company has the advantages of high fire resistance, low expansion rate, high strength, low crushing rate, round particle shape, good collapsibility, etc.