Expansion of the Application Field of Fused Ceramic Sand

What is fused ceramic sand?

Fused ceramic sand is a newly developed high-performance sand material in recent years. It has many advantages and is widely used in construction, road and bridge, water conservancy and other fields. It is processed from natural ore and has excellent physical and chemical properties. Let's take a look at the characteristics and applications of this new material.


How to produce Fused ceramic sand?

Fused ceramic sand is a mixture of selected natural gravel, minerals, concrete metallurgical waste material and other raw materials. Chemical additives and special technology are used in the firing and production process to make it have higher strength and stability. The use of Fused ceramic sand can improve the strength and durability of concrete and prolong the life of buildings.


Advantages of Fused ceramic sand

Compared with traditional sand materials, fused ceramic sand has more uniform particle size and shape, so it can effectively reduce the generation of cavities and cracks in the pouring process. Because the crystal hardness of Fused ceramic sand surface is very high, it can also effectively reduce the plastic shrinkage and the cracking rate of concrete surface after use in concrete.


New application of Fused ceramic sand

Fused ceramic sand is more and more used in the construction field. It can be used to make concrete slabs, beams, columns and other components, and can be used to lay indoor and outdoor floors and foundations, so that it has good performance in compression, shear strength, hardness and seismic resistance. In water conservancy projects, fused ceramic sand can be used to make nitrate soil engineering, deep solidification influence zone, etc., and it is also widely used in road and bridge construction.


In short, as a new high-performance sand material, fused ceramic sand has many advantages and can be used in construction, water conservancy, roads and bridges and other fields. It has the advantages of more uniform particle size and shape, higher strength and stability, and better compressive and shear strength. Its wide application will promote the development of various industries and provide higher quality materials for the construction of buildings and infrastructure.


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