Fused Ceramic Sand: A New Grinding Material with Beautiful Shape

In addition to the foundry industry, where can fused ceramic sand be used?


Fused ceramic sandis a new type of abrasive material, which has been well used in the production and manufacturing fields. With the characteristics of high hardness, high wear resistance, low pollution and low loss, it is widely used in the grinding and particle dispersion of coatings, ink, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.


Why can fused ceramic sand be used as grinding material?


With its good physical and chemical properties, fused ceramic sand has attracted more and more attention and favor. Compared with the traditional grinding media such as steel ball and glass ball, the properties of Fused ceramic sand are more excellent. Firstly, fused ceramic sand can better control the size of abrasive, and is not limited by shape and structure; Secondly, the quality of Fused ceramic sand is light, which can reduce equipment consumption and noise; Fused ceramic sand has a long service life, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.


Moreover, fused ceramic sand also has the advantages of smooth coating, high particle dispersion, smooth and beautiful surface, and can play an important role in the field of detail processing and fine manufacturing. For example, in the production of cosmetics, fused ceramic sand can be made into components with silk luster and uniform particles, which can be mixed in cosmetics to improve the texture and appearance of the whole product. In food processing, fused ceramic sand can be made into very fine powder or fine particles for making chocolate, chewing gum, biscuits, etc., so as to improve the appearance and taste of goods.


Future prospects of fused ceramic sand


Now, the manufacturing technology of Fused ceramic sand has matured, especially in high-precision fields, such as spacecraft manufacturing, nuclear facilities construction, and so on. Fused ceramic sand has even become a stepping stone. In the future, with technological innovation, application expansion and production process optimization, fused ceramic sand will emerge in more and more extensive application fields, bringing more convenience and creativity to every factories' production and everybody's life.