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Speech By Chairman

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Dear old and new customers and friends from all walks of life:

Welcome to our company's website, thank you for your trust and love for us, and express our heartfelt wishes to friends from all walks of life who always care about and support the development of our company.

"Quality products, customer first, common development" has always been our company's business philosophy. Our company will spare no effort to provide customers with comprehensive comprehensive solutions, grow together with customers and industry elites, and jointly promote the development of the industry. We will take each day as a new beginning for the development of Sanmenxia Qiangxin Casting Materials Co., Ltd. And perfect services to sublimate corporate reputation.



The development of Sanmenxia Strong Core Casting Material Co., Ltd. cannot be separated from the support and love of customers, partners and employees. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the company will continue to improve its operating mechanism. At the same time, we will actively build and maintain strategic partnerships with customers, while expanding the domestic market, bring more benefits to all customers, partners and corporate employees.

As an individual in society, we are more insistent on the corporate social responsibility. In addition to providing safe products and services, we will also actively participate in various public welfare activities to truly return to society.

The creativity of employees is the source of enterprise development. The company promotes a corporate culture of "unity, trust, innovation and truth-seeking", so that each employee's own value can be fully reflected, and the common progress and development of employees and the enterprise can be achieved.

For this, we will make persistent efforts and we will persevere.

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