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Sanmenxia Qiangxin Casting Material Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces and sells a new type of foundry molding material-molten ceramic sand for casting (commonly known as "baozhu sand"). In 2014 and 2017, the company was rated as "China's foundry pearl sand production base" for two consecutive sessions by the China Foundry Association. 020204.1--2018) group standard, which was approved and issued by the China Foundry Association in March of the same year. The company is a national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in Henan Province, a member unit of the China Foundry Association, a vice chairman unit of the China Foundry Association Material Branch, and a chairman unit of the China Foundry Sand Industry Alliance.

Wusanmenxia Qiangxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a new technology company engaged in the production of quality molten ceramic coated sand (baozhu coated sand) and waste sand recycling. The company upholds the corporate spirit of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation and development", adheres to the business policy of "scientific management, excellent quality, and customer satisfaction," with the vision of "promoting new casting materials, developing a circular economy, and helping green casting" as its vision. Many foundry companies go hand in hand and take "Made in China 2025" as the lead. Today, with the strengthening of resource and environmental constraints, turning waste into treasure and comprehensive utilization, contributing to the current problem of low resource utilization efficiency and outstanding environmental pollution, Construct a green manufacturing system and follow the path of ecological civilization.

The company takes innovation and research and development as the core, has a product research and development center, and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Northeastern University in 2014 to establish an industry-university-research base. The company has a sound internal management system, complete product inspection and other equipment, and a management system that combines incentives and constraints.

The company is located in Tiantan Aluminum Industrial Park in the industrial agglomeration area of ​​Muchi County, Henan Province. The required raw material bauxite ore has high reserves and good quality in Wuchi and surrounding areas. The company has advanced production technology and stable and reliable product quality.

The company's products are suitable for resin sand casting, coated sand, refractory coating, and lost foam casting, V method casting, shell mold casting, and precision casting. Widely used in aerospace, ship, railway locomotive, wind power, pump and valve, machine tool, engine, auto parts, mining machinery and other casting molding process. In addition, it has also been maturely applied to ladle drainage sand, soluble mold core, and shot peening.

The company's customers are all over the country and exported to Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Korea, India, Thailand, Brazil, Japan and other countries and regions. The products have long-term supply to Guangxi Yuchai, Fuan Heavy Industry, HA casting materials, Chongqing Yangtze River modeling materials, Shenyang casting and forging, Great Wall Motors, CRRC, Tianjin Xinweixiang, Fuqing Xinyuan, Jialite Liaoyuan, Anwar special alloy steel , Luobei Cast Steel, Xingrong Cast Steel and other domestic casting enterprises.