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Talent Concept

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Qiangxin adheres to the principle of assigning appropriate and competent persons at proper positions and insists on the competitive mechanism of only using those who are capable and competent, aiming to stimulate the potential and creativity of employees, thus to improve the growth conditions and value of talents, measure the value of employees to the enterprise by their abilities and contributions, so that those who have good conduct, dedication and diligence, strong business ability and high work efficiency can stand out, so that we can make the best use of people's talents.


We advocate a "healthy, happy, positive and scientific" work concept. Only keeping a healthy body and mind can we enjoy the real happiness in our life. Development is not only the combination of individuals and enterprise interests, but also sharing of common ideals and values, which will be the energy source driving the development and growth of the Company. We provides perfect salary and welfare guarantee for all employees and offers a broad career development space for them.

Talent Concept