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Orb sand is widely used because of its wide range of uses

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2019/10/12 17:42
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Because of its wide range of applications, baozhu sand has also been recognized by people for its practical application in our lives, especially in the foundry industry.

The types of drainage sand are mainly the following: silica sand drainage sand, chromite sand drainage sand, baozhu sand drainage sand. Silica sand drainage sand has the advantages. The main component is silica, also known as quartz sand. Its distribution range belongs to source sand. It has low processing cost and low price. The disadvantage is that the friction force is large when sand filling, which is not conducive to free fall, poor fluidity, and easy to cause swelling.

Orb sand is artificial sand, with a grain shape close to true circle, smooth surface, and no uneven veins, so it has good fluidity; it has low thermal conductivity and small expansion after heating, which can prevent shed materials; it can form uniform contact with molten steel The protective layer is conducive to preventing the drainage sand from floating up and the molten steel from penetrating; in addition, the proportion is small and the price is also relatively advantageous. When you compare and analyze with other products, it is not difficult to find that in the use of drainage sand, precious pearl sand has a good effect as drainage sand.


Orb sand is widely used because of its wide range of uses