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2020/02/27 10:06
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Following the latest local government directives, we have resumed work and production. Here we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our customers for their trust and concern. 
China companies and factories are gradually resuming work, but it varies across provinces. Hubei province remained locked down. Based on our initial assessment, organisations that have received approval from local authorities to reopen are currently operating at approximately 10 – 50% of their normal working capacity. The reduced staff strength is driven mainly by (i) the 14-day quarantine period imposed on all travellers returning from other provinces and (ii) workers still unable to return from other provinces. This resulted in an impact on both the trucking and factory labour force. Production levels may only stabilise by the end of February or early March.
Trucking services across all cities remain limited because of the closure of selected highways and shortage of drivers – causing cargo deliveries to be under tight delivery constraints. However, we expect a gradual improvement over the next few weeks. We are monitoring closely and adjusting our resources to support you and your organisation.
Safety and health of our customers and employees remain our top priority. We will continue to enforce the strict discipline of self-quarantine and temperature checking.
We will spare no efforts to ensure uninterrupted service to our customers and protect the safety and health of our employees. The preventive measures include segregated work arrangements, sanitising our offices and sites and providing staff with necessary hygiene consumables at workplaces.
As the situation remains fluid, we will update you progressively. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact your local Qiangxin representative should you require more information.
Thank you for your understanding and support during this period.