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Moving Forward

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2020/05/27 09:21
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Nowadays business in China has returned to normal. Transport movements, including trucking services, are also returning to normal status. But after four months, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, with public health systems and national economies exploring new ways to cope with the impacts of the virus.


It turns out there's some good news, in May, Sanmenxia Qiangxin Sales Team created an impressive sales performance, the ceramic sand sales has risen 8% year-over-year, and the export volume has increased by 10% over the same period last year.  We are thankful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers, we can't do it without the trust and support from them. We believe we will overcome the adversities as long as we are moving forward.


A Little Humor To Brighten Your Day


Wishes for health and safety to you and your family!

The Sanmenxia Qiangxin Products Team


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