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Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand

Using Resin-Coated Ceramic Sand
can sharply reduce solid waste
emissions. There are no restrict
requirements for the production
environment and foundry man,
and the manufacturing process
is relatively simple.

The project we have been focused on is to promote the application of fused resin coated ceramic sand recycling in the high-end alloy steel casting products. With the increasing contradiction between China's economy and environment, the recycling and utilization of waste sand has become an important issue that foundry enterprises must solve. Our company has increased investment in scientific research and solved the problem of waste sand reclamation, so that the rate of waste sand reclamation has reached above 95%, and the social and economic benefits have been jointly improved. At the same time, we have helped foundry enterprises to achieve the goal of clean production and zero discharge of solid waste, and effectively guarantee the health of employees.


Orb-coated sand product introduction

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