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Ceramic Sand For LFC

Applications of the Ceramic Sand:
Lost Foam Casting

Most of lost foam casting is dry sand moulding, too. If use silica sand, it will cause a lot of diffuse silicon dust during sand shakeout and let the working conditions become worse. That became a big problem to be solved. But if we use ceramic sand instead of silica sand, it could significantly reduce the dust of distribution and improve working conditions and environmental protection. Besides, it has the following benefits:

1, Ceramic sand is higher than the silica sand on refractoriness, and the modelling compaction degree is higher. Therefore, it can make the surface quality of castings better and lower the scrap rate.

2, The liquidity of spherical ceramic sand’s liquidity is very good. So in the complex shaped castings, at corner, deep sunken place, cross hole and difficult to fill positions, the sand is easy to fill into. Thus, Sand defects can significantly reduce the workload of cleaning and finishing;

3, Amount of sand casting cost per ton could decrease 90%, and emissions reduce accordingly.

4, If used resin bonded sand molding, the resin could save 1/3 comparing with other sand.


Lower thermal expansion rate of ceramic foundry sand is an important advantage, it can prevent the expansion of the casting defects. But this feature also has certain negative effect. Because of its heated inflation rate was much lower than that of silica sand, the production of cast iron parts, especially the ductile iron castings, cast restriction effect of shrinkage of graphitization expansion of castings is poorer, so it should be properly set the riser.



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