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As Drainage Sand

Applications of the Ceramic Sand:
Replacing Chromite Sand As Ladle Drainage Sand

Replacing Chromite Sand As Ladle Drainage Sand


Now the main varieties of steel flow agent are silica sand drainage agent and chromite sand drainage agent. The silica sand drainage agent against sand filling free fall, natural illiquid, easy cause bridging; Chromite sand drainage agent performance is very good, but the environmental pollution is serious, plus the high cost. The ceramic sand drainage agent is the ideal alternative material of chromite sand. Its grain shape is spherical, which can effectively reduce the intensity of the sintering layer. And its proportion is small, the cost is far below the chromite sand.


Use ceramic sand instead of chromite sand has the following advantages:

1, The ball grain shape, grain shape close to true round, smooth surface, no bump veins, its liquidity is good to cast starting.

2, Low heat dilating rate: it has a low thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion could prevent bridging.

3, High refractoriness, main component is Al2O3, refractoriness 1790 or so, in a certain liquid steel temperature is not excessive and sintering, can reduce the sintering layer

4, Contact with the molten steel can form with protective coating, used to prevent floating and less steel penetration.

5, As for circular orb ceramic sand, sintering layer of point contact between particles could effectively reduce the intensity of the sintering layer, better for cast starting.

6, in the drainage sand, according to the ratio of sand can use all the ceramic sand, can also be part of the ceramic sand to alternative chromite sand. So the cost will be far below the chromite sand.


Orb-coated sand product introduction

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